What is this $35 application fee?

As of April 19th 2022, the FCC has implemented a $35 application fee due to the RAY BAUM (Repack Airwaves Yielding Better Access for Users of Modern Services Act) act passed by congress in 2018 that required the FCC to restructure its payments.

In amateur radio, this application fee applies to those obtaining a new license, renewals, vanity callsign requests, rule waiver application and certain modifications.

Those who are licensed and are upgrading to either General or Extra do not have to pay the FCC application fee.

Please note that the FCC Application Fee and Examination fees are not the same!! Thankfully the PVVET/Laurel doesn’t charge an exam fee.

The current the fee is $35USD and must be paid to the FCC. VE teams will not accept FCC application fees. Those who are obtaining a new license will be given instructions at the exam session about FCC application payment.