PVVET Examination Process

Since the PVVET operates differently compared to other VECs and VE teams in the area, we ask that applicants read this page thoroughly.  Please follow these easy steps

  1. Obtain a FRN
  2. Pre-Register Online
  3. Bring Identification
  4. Bring Supporting documents

Obtaining a FRN

It’s PVVET policy that applicants have a FCC Registration Number (FRN) prior to the examination date.  If you do not have an amateur (ham) or GMRS license, you will need to visit the FCC’s COmission REgistration Service (CORES) website and register for an FRN.  The PVVET has a guide showing you how to register. It’s suggested that you print out your assigned number to bring to the exam

If you currently have an amateur or GMRS license, you already have a FRN number assigned to you. It should be listed on your license. If you do not have a copy of your license, it’s suggested that you print one off the FCC’s website. You will need to bring it and a copy to the exam.

Pre-Register Online

The PVVET employs an online pre-registration process. We ask that any applicant taking a PVVET sponsored exam to pre-register at this website prior to the day of the examination. The information submitted will be used to partially fill out your paperwork needed to take the exam. This will allow the applicant to focus on the exam instead of having to fill out paperwork at the site. It also decreases any chance of error and it makes the process smoother.

Bring Identification

The PVVET is required to validate your identity and be satisfied that the person taking the exam is indeed the applicant. Any form of government issued photo ID will suffice. This includes state issued drivers license, state issued ID, passport, pass card and military ID. If you do not have a photo ID, multiple forms of other identification could be accepted. This includes school ID, library card, utility bills in your name.

Bring Supporting documents

If you currently have an active amateur license and you wish to upgrade, you must bring 2 copies of either your official or reference FCC amateur license that is signed (on both copies).

If you are applying for “Exam Element Credit” AKA Grandfather license, you’ll have to bring proof of exam credit which includes one of the following

  1. The original or photocopy of an expired and cancelled license
  2. A letter from the FCC stating that you held such a license.
  3. A reference copy of an expired and cancelled license from the FCC ULS website
  4. A cover and applicable page from a call sign book that indicates the class of license and date of publication.

If you’ve recently passed an examination and your information HAS NOT been updated in the ULS, please bring your CSCE and a photocopy of the CSCE from that examination to provide proof. The PVVET will accept CSCE’s from other VEC organisations (Such as ARRL, W5YI and others).

If you never had an amateur radio license, you will not have to bring any supporting documents except for your FRN and Identification

Other Things To Bring

Please bring writing utensils (pencils, pens) and a basic standard function calculator if needed. Please note that cell/smart phones cannot be used as a calculator. The PVVET does not allow any device capable of mass storage to be used during the exam (computers, tablets, PDA, graphing calculator and others).

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ and other pages on our website before contacting the PVVET.

Thank you