All In Person Examinations Are Still On Hold

The Pioneer Valley VE Team has not hosted any examinations since early March or 2020. The PVVET normally depends on the kindness of local municipalities, schools, libraries, and hospitals to provide us the space needed to host examinations. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, these venues have placed restrictions not allowing us to host examinations. The PVVET fully supports their decisions and have halted In-Person examinations.

Until the restrictions have lifted or the PVVET can secure an alternate venue while still complying with local, state and federal regulations, the PVVET recommends online remote examinations (fees will apply and have no association with the PVVET).

We suggest that when you are ready and certain that you’ll pass the examination(s) that you head over to’s sessions page and find an online (remote) exam with available slots.

Each VE team and each VEC has their own unique set of rules and guidelines when it comes to remote exams. Please make sure to read and understand their instructions.

We hope to be hosting in-person exams in the pioneer valley again.
Thank you for reading!

Jeffrey Bail (NT1K)
Pioneer Valley VE Team

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