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Are “walk-ins” accepted

Due to requirements from the FCC, the PVVET will no longer accept “walk in” candidates. All candidates are required to pre-register prior to the exam. During the registration process, candidates will obtain a FCC registration number (FRN) that is needed for the examination.

Why Aren’t you accepting walk-ins?

The FCC now requires candidates to provide a valid e-mail address and confirm it before issuing a FRN (which is needed at the exam). Due to possible issues like time constraints, venue size, internet availability, e-mail requirements and many other issues, the Pioneer Valley VE Team won’t be able to help candidates obtain a FRN. Candidates without a FRN will unfortunately be turned away from the exam

What If I Already Have A FRN

If you currently have a valid FCC Registration Number (FRN) associated to you personally from a previous license or from a different service (GMRS), you should/can use that number for an exam.

Even though the PVVET would prefer all candidates to pre-register, we will be accommodating to those who have a valid FRN

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