Free exam after the HCRA Tech License Course (March 22nd, 2020)

UPDATE (3/12/2020): Our venue is restricting access to the hospital facilities of all non-essential personnel such as vendors, outside contractors, students and volunteers over the COVID-19 infection. The exam will be postponed. Candidates will be notified

The Hampden County Amateur Radio Association (HCRA) has asked the Pioneer Valley Volunteer Exam Team (PVVET) to host a free amateur radio examination after their technician license course. The exam itself is open to anyone wishing to obtain and/or upgrade their FCC amateur radio license. You do not have to sign up for the course.

Please check out the event page for more information about the examination.

If you are interested in the HCRA’s technician’s license course, please visit their website. If you are taking the course, you’ll still need to register for the examination as it’s separate from the class.

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