Two Upcoming Examinations (Feb, Mar 2019)

The PVVET has added two examinations to our events calendar. The Hampden County Radio Association (HCRA) and the Mt. Tom Amateur Repeater Association (MTARA) has asked the PVVET to provide examinations for their events.

HCRA Technician License Course Examination

On Tuesday, February 26th, there will be an examination following the HCRA’s Technicians license course at the Holyoke Medical Center’s auxiliary conference center. The public is welcome to attend the examination. Doors open at 7pm and exams will start after everyone has checked in.

Click Here for the event page for the February 26th Exam. Make sure to provide contact information. Please note this exam date may change if there are any cancellations during the 6 week course.

MTARA Hamfest License Examination

On Saturday, March 9th, there will be an examination during the MTARA Hamfest at the Castle Of Knights in Chicopee. The exam will start at 10:30am. The MTARA has acquired a bigger venue this year to provide ample space for candidates. There will be no entry fee for those taking the examination. However, entry fees will apply if you decide to attend the Hamfest itself.

Click here for the event page for the March 9th examination at the MTARA Ham fest.

Pre-Registration Required For Both Exams

As always, both exams will be FREE of charge! However, we do require that those wishing to participate in the exam to obtain a FCC Registration Number (FRN) and to pre-register. Both which can be done very easily on this website and only takes a couple minutes. At the exam you will need to bring Identification and if you are upgrading, you will also need to bring a signed copy of your FCC amateur radio license. If you have any questions, please look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) as most questions are answered there. If you still have a question, you can always contact us

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