What if I registered for an exam with PVVET and want to take one with a different VEC?

If you didn’t have a FCC amateur radio or GMRS license and you registered for a PVVET exam, during the registration process, you’ve obtained a FCC registration number (FRN). If you take an examination with a different VE team and/or VEC, you should use your FRN in-lieu of your Social Security Number on the Form 605.

The FRN is assigned by the FCC and should be used on all applications (for indivduals) that end up processed by the FCC.

ALL VECS are required to accept the FCC Registration Number

What if there is a cancellation

One of the requirements is that candidates pre-register for examinations, If by any chance the PVVET has to cancel an examination, We will send out an e-mail to all those who’ve registered.

We will also post an announcement on our website and any sources of social media (PVVET Facebook Page, Twitter). We strongly suggest you check pvvet.org before leaving to the exam.

If you found us through ARRL’s “Find An Exam Page” without contacting us or we are allowing walk-ins (no pre-registration), there is no way we can contact you. Please check this website before leaving.

What if I have limited or no vision?

The PVVET will do it’s best to accommodate your needs. If you have limited or no visibility the PVVET has large print exams and we have the option to print on different color paper. Please inform the VE when you checking into the session

The PVVET has the option to read the examination aloud to the candidate. We ask that you contact the PVVET prior to the examination so that we can accommodate you.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your FRN*, identification, basic calculator (optional), and writing utensils (pencils and pens).

If you are currently licensed and wishing to upgrade, you will need to bring a signed copy of your FCC amateur license and a photocopy of that license.

If you recently passed an examination and the FCC ULS has not updated with your new information, please bring the original CSCE and a photocopy of the CSCE with you.

*FRN – The PVVET requires that new applicants obtain an FCC registration number (FRN) prior to the examination date.