Why is there a felony question on the 605?

The FCC requires the applicant to check either “Yes” or “No” next to the question “Has the Applicant or any party to this application, or any party directly or indirectly controlling the Applicant, ever been convicted of a
felony by any state or federal court?”

The FCC wants to ensure each new licensee and licensees who upgrade
have the necessary character to be a licensee in accordance with the
Communications Act of 1934, as amended. It is also required on form 601 that are used by other services applying to the FCC.

You can read more about it here.

Please note that this is an FCC requirement and not a VEC or VE Team requirement.

Why do I have to obtain an FRN before the exam?

It’s policy of the PVVET to only accept FCC Registration Number (FRN). We prefer to not handle Social Security Numbers (SSN) due to possible privacy concerns.

Accepting FRNs only also speeds up the registration process. This allows the applicant to pre-register on our website. Focus can now be dedicated to the exam instead of having to deal with paperwork.

It only takes minutes to obtain a FRN from the FCC. If you have a FCC amateur radio or GMRS license, you already have a FRN. Please see the FAQ for more information

How much does exams costs?


There are no fees associated with PVVET examinations in any way shape or form. There are no strings attached. No donations needed and there should be no admission fees associated with the examination.

We do ask that applicants obtain a FRN and pre-register on our website prior to the examination.