Are there other examinations in the area?

Yes. There are various groups in the area that also provide amateur radio examinations that are not related to the PVVET and/or Laurel VEC. So you if you are ready to take an exam, please visit the other sources. Please note that fees will most likely apply with other VEC’s and groups.

Laurel VEC web page – You can find other Laurel sponsored examinations using their website.

ARRL’s “Find an Exam” web page – A lot of people will advertise their examinations through the American Radio Relay League. They currently have the largest group of volunteers.

W5YI exam search – Another VEC that operates in the area (Mostly Northern CT/ Eastern MA)

What if I registered for an exam with PVVET and want to take one with a different VEC?

If you didn’t have a FCC amateur radio or GMRS license and you registered for a PVVET exam, during the registration process, you’ve obtained a FCC registration number (FRN). If you take an examination with a different VE team and/or VEC, you should use your FRN in-lieu of your Social Security Number on the Form 605.

The FRN is assigned by the FCC and should be used on all applications (for indivduals) that end up processed by the FCC.

ALL VECS are required to accept the FCC Registration Number even though some teams also accept SSN’s.

What if there is a cancellation

One of the requirements is that candidates pre-register for examinations, If by any chance the PVVET has to cancel an examination, We will send out an e-mail to all those who’ve registered.

We will also post an announcement on our website and any sources of social media (PVVET Facebook Page, Twitter). We strongly suggest you check before leaving to the exam.

If you found us through ARRL’s “Find An Exam Page” without contacting us or we are allowing walk-ins (no pre-registration), there is no way we can contact you. Please check this website before leaving.

What if I have limited or no vision?

The PVVET will do it’s best to accommodate your needs. If you have limited or no visibility the PVVET has large print exams and we have the option to print on different color paper. Please inform the VE when you checking into the session

The PVVET has the option to read the examination aloud to the candidate. We ask that you contact the PVVET prior to the examination so that we can accommodate you.

How do I get a FCC registration number (FRN)?

The PVVET requires that all applicants have a FCC Registration Number (FRN) prior to any examination.

If you currently hold a FCC amateur radio license and/or a General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) license, you have already been assigned a FRN.

You can Click Here to register using the FCC’s COmission REgistration System (CORES) website.

The PVVET has created a how-to guide on registering for a FRN

What type of identification is accepted?

The PVVET will accept many forms of identification. We prefer either State/Government issued photo IDs such as.

  • State Issued Drivers License
  • State Issued Identification Card
  • US Passport
  • US Passcard
  • Military Identification

We will also accept

  • Photo School ID
  • Library Card
  • Utility Bills in your name/address
  • Non photo IDs

It’s suggested that if you don’t have photo ID, that you bring multiple forms of identification.


What if I show up without an FRN?

Most examinations with the PVVET require pre-registration. One of the registration steps requires the applicant to obtain a FRN if they don’t currently have one.  Those showing up to the examination should have a FRN. It’s very easy to do. It takes a couple minutes and the FCC will instantly issue you a number.

There are some special situations where the PVVET will host examinations that accept walkins without having to pre-register. We still require the applicant to obtain a FRN prior the examination date.

If an applicant shows up to the examination that allows walk-ins without a FRN, the PVVET will have the applicant attempt to obtain an FRN using the FCC’s CORES website. If there is a lack of internet connection or the applicant is not successful in obtaining an FRN, the applicant will be denied an examination.

It’s policy of the PVVET to not accept Social Security Numbers (SSN) under any circumstances.

Are “walk-ins” accepted

The PVVET normally requires candidates to pre-register on our website prior to the examination. This allows the candidate to focus on the exam and it allows for faster and smoother check in period.

There will be certain situations where the PVVET will allow walk-ins (Those who haven’t pre-registered). If the PVVET is providing an examination in conjunction with a public event such as an amateur radio festival, we may allow walk-ins.

All candidates, regardless of their registration method, must obtain a FCC Registration Number (FRN) prior to the exam date.


What does “Pre-Registration” mean?

The PVVET employs an online pre-registration process using google forms and/or’s exam tools. In most cases, we require that all applicants register for an examination online anytime prior to the day of the exam. Candidates that show up to an examination without pre-registering on this website will possibly be denied.

There are some special occasions where the PVVET will host an examination that will allow “walk-ins”. We would still prefer that you pre-register on our website to speed up the check in process.

Candidates will still need to bring Identification, supporting documents and copies of their supporting documents.