What if I show up without an FRN?

Most examinations with the PVVET require pre-registration. One of the registration steps requires the applicant to obtain a FRN if they don’t currently have one.  Those showing up to the examination should have a FRN. It’s very easy to do. It takes a couple minutes and the FCC will instantly issue you a number.

If an applicant shows up to the examination without pre-registration or an FRN, the PVVET will try to be accommodating but will most likely deny you an examination.

It’s policy of the PVVET to not accept Social Security Numbers (SSN) under any circumstances. The FCC requires all candidates to have a vaild e-mail address and to confirm they have a valid e-mail address. This is something the PVVET can not do and should be done prior to the exam during registration.

If you have a FRN from a different service like GMRS or you’ve obtained a FRN for a prior examination attempt (doesn’t matter which VEC), you should use that FRN instead of trying to obtain a new one.

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