How can I get an offical copy of my license from the FCC?

The FCC stopped automatically printing and mailing official licenses in 2015. However, you can request for a paper copy from the FCC for any future upgrades or modifications.

If you don’t have a GMRS/Amateur Radio license, during the registration process, you had to create an account with the FCC. You would need to login using your FRN (Or username after March 1st 2019) and password and change “Set Paper Authorization Preferences” to yes.

If you already have a FRN, you will need to login (if you never logged in, you will need to do a password reset to obtain one) and do the above.

Please note the FCC no longer mails out licenses printed on their special type of paper. You will receive just a plain white photocopy of your license. The FCC will also not mail out a license until you’ve obtained, upgraded, renewed or changed your callsign.

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