How come other exams I’ve been to are different?

VEs have to be accredited and sponsored by a VEC (Volunteer Exam Coordinator). There are currently 14 VECs operating in the US. Each VEC has their own unique set of policies and guidelines that might differ from other VECs.

Most (if not all) of the VECs are part of the NCVEC (National Conference of Volunteer Exam Coordinators). They are responsible for producing and maintaining the questions and answers to amateur radio examinations. That’s why the test questions are the same throughout different VECs. The NCVEC also helps solve any issues that might come up between the FCC and VECs. The NCVEC, VECs, VE Teams and VEs all have to follow the rules set by the FCC.

Currently the largest VEC operating in the US is the ARRL VEC. They are responsible for approximately 70% of the examinations administered. The PVVET is accredited by the Laurel VEC.  Even though the exam questions/answers are the same, the registration process, grading and submission process is different.

What applies to PVVET sponsored examinations will be different from other area VE Teams and their respective VECs.

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