I passed! What happens next?


After the examination is completed, the session will be submitted electronically for review. Once the review process is finished, the information will be submitted electronically to the FCC for processing.

You will be provided with a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) before leaving the exam. The CSCE is proof that you’ve passed your examination(s).

If you are obtaining your first license, please visit the FCC’s ULS website and search for your new license, once it’s listed in the FCC ULS Database, you will see your call sign and you will be legally allowed to use it on the air.

If you are upgrading to a General or Extra class license, you are legally allowed to immediately use those privileges. However, if you are transmitting on those frequencies, you have to affix /AG for general and /AE for extra to the end of your callsign whenever you are identifying

For example: This is “KF1XYZ Stroke AG”

If by any chance you take another examination before the FCC’s ULS is updated, you will need to bring the CSCE and a copy of the CSCE to the examination. If the ULS has updated, it’s best if you print 2 copies of your license, sign them and bring them to the examination.

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