Should I join a club?


There are many amateur radio clubs in the pioneer valley. Some of them will offer a free 1 year membership to newly licensed hams. It’s strongly suggested that you join at least 1 club. There may be representatives from area clubs at PVVET examinations who will help you obtain membership.

Check out our clubs page for area clubs


By joining a club, you’ll be able to meet many operators that live in the area. You will also be able to explore the many aspects of amateur radio and what it has to offer. You may learn something new that you can apply to the hobby or your everyday life. The clubs will also be there in a time of need. Have trouble deciding on what antenna to put up or you need a hand putting it up? The club could be there to help. Or you might have a unique skill that could help out your fellow club members.

Clubs also help out the community in a time of need when normal means of communications has been compromised. There is a network of dedicated hams in the pioneer valley who focus on communications in a time need.

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