What is a VE (Volunteer Examiner)

A VE is known as a Volunteer Examiner.

A VE is responsible for administering or helping with the administration of examinations. The includes checking in the candidates, answering any questions, issuing exams, grading exams and to ensure that paperwork related to the examination and candidate is properly filled out.

Each examination session will have an appointed “Team Leader” Or “Liaison”. They are responsible for securing a venue, setting up the examination, ensure the paperwork is in order and submitting the paperwork.

All VE’s and VE teams must be accredited by a Volunteer Exam Coordinator (VEC). The VEC is responsible for the VE teams and they will act as Liaison between the team and the FCC. There are currently 14 VECs in the US. The PVVET and its VEs are accredited by the Laurel VEC.

VE’s within the PVVET are added by the team leader. VE’s that volunteer with PVVET may also be involved with other VE teams and their respective VEC.

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