When will my license show up?

Your license and/or upgrade will show up in the FCC’s ULS database anywhere between 1hr and 48hrs after the examination. We’ve had exams where the results were live in the FCC ULS within 1/2hr. However, there could be delays caused by government holidays, shutdown or issues with the FCC’s filing system.

If your e-mail address is on record with the PVVET, we will usually e-mail you with results as soon as they are live in the FCC’s database

The FCC no longer mails out printed copies of your license as of 2015. For new licensee’s, once your callsign appears in the FCC’s ULS, you are legally allowed to use it on the air.

It’s strongly suggested that you print and sign at least 2 copies of your license. If you wish to upgrade, you must bring a signed copy of your license that will be given to the team.

It’s possible for candidate to receive a paper copy of their license from the FCC. Prior to the examination, the candidate can create an account on the FCC’s ULS and opt-in for a paper license.

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